Saturday, November 30, 2013

Super Special Limited Time Offer!

I finally have a DancingDonkey calender made and available. You actually have TWO choices (I know, I know, the woman who can't abide shopping making you choose, but there is a good reason.  Keep reading to find out.).  The first choice is to go here or click on the picture below (which I hope works) to buy a calender directly from  If you order before 12/10, use the promo code FREESHIP to get FREE shipping.  I think this includes international shipping (for you Dougie Donk!), but I won't swear to it as I couldn't find anything on the website.  Maybe someone from across the pond can try it out and let me know?  This calender costs $14.99, which covers the cost of the calender and gives me a couple of dollars to apply to my second offer, which is below the picture.

The second choice is a limited edition, limited TIME, special offer.  This is basically the same calender, but it will be personally signed by Ramsey himself.  How cool is that?!

So, OK, in the spirit of full disclosure, I did have to help a little and this signature is a tiny bit out of date.  You see, I had meant to do something like this last year, but then there was the whole near-death-experience and surgery and sleep deprivation and all that so this went by the wayside.

Because of all that, this is actually Ramsey's baby foot signature.  I did a tracing of his foot way back when and then I hand carved a signature stamp....

All celebrities have personal assistants and use signature stamps right?

Anyway, here's how this works:  This calender costs $20 (which includes shipping) and the extra $5 from each one is going to the Donkey Sanctuary.  I know there are a lot of rescues out there who could use the money, but I am only one and can only do so much at any given time.  I am doing this because I would like to help out, but what I can do alone won't amount to much.  I would love to send each of you a calender just for reading this and the support you have shown me, but I can't do that either.  I hope that this way, everybody wins a little bit.

I chose the Donkey Sanctuary because they have been very helpful to me personally and I believe deeply in one of their main goals, which is to provide education about the care and treatment of donkeys.  From my own experiences, I know that ignorance and misunderstanding are what account for most neglect and abuse.  The donkey Sanctuary is a true wealth of information and support for donkeys the world over.  If you would like to help them out directly click here.

If you would like to help them out AND get your very own personally autographed (ahem, stamped) calender then click on the PayPal button below and send me the $20 bucks along with your address and I will get a calender to you as soon as I can.  I do have to wait for them to come to me, sign them and then send them to you so this WILL be slower.  And please, when (if) you order, check the little box that says the money is a gift.  PayPal will not take out any fees that way and the DS gets a bit more $.

Now here is where the fine print comes in.  The deal that allows me to buy these calenders at a low enough price to make this work out expires soon and if you want it there by Christmas, there is another time crunch.  So this offer is only good for the next couple of days.  I will leave the button up as long as I can and take it down when everything expires or I get too overwhelmed, whichever comes first.  Maybe next year I'll be more organized and do this sooner, but we will see how it all works out.  Fair enough?  I hope so. Happy shopping:). 

This deal has expired:)  Thank you to those who participated!


  1. Looking forward to my "signed" calendar and a great idea to support the Donkey Sanctuary. Thanks for doing this.

  2. Love that you carved the stamp and geez - how do you find the time?!

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