Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Definition

Winter Wonderland:
    a.  A fictional version of a beautiful, snowy landscape often filled with images of fun and frolic in fluffy,  white snow.   This Winter Wonderland exists only in fairy tales and the minds of the truly delusional.
    b.  Wondering, wondering, wondering if the car will actually make it home.

    c.  Wondering, wondering, wondering why, oh why, do I live in Winterland?


  1. This is an indication that you now are having a blizzard? Stay safe!

  2. Agreed! No one ever shows the way it really looks after it has been driven through. Or how hard it is to drive through!

  3. Because in spite of the cold and the snow, you live in one of the most gorgeous places I have ever seen!

  4. Safe journey. I hate driving in snow.

  5. Kris! I hope you get the BEST Thanksgiving dinner at Riding Buddy's and, except for being in the barn where it will probably be chilly, I hope you are warm and relaxed with friends. And I assume you made it home, but darn it, winter's come early this year!!