Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Burning Question

"Is he really behind that tree?"

Do you all really, really want me to answer that?  It is a magic trick after all and it might take some of the fun out of it.

Why don't you think about it for a minute, I'll wait right here.


Are you sure?

Super, super sure?

OK then....This is the absolute, honest to God truth.  Pinky Swear.

I was trying to get a really cute picture of Ramsey standing behind the tree with one ear sticking out of each side.  Really, it would have been a great picture.  Unfortunately, the darned donkey moved before the camera was fully awake and I got him peeking around the tree instead.  I glanced down at the camera to make sure it was set right and then looked up quick to try again and, POOF, Ramsey disappeared right into thin air!

There is only one explanation - Ramsey is growing into his SuperDonkey powers and has learned to teleport himself.

And that folks, is the secret of the Amazing Disappearing Donkey Trick.  Honest, I Pinky Swear and everything.  Would I tell a lie?


  1. LOL Thanks for the morning chuckle ...again ! :)

  2. Ramsey is something else! I love him. I have spent an hour looking back at your posts to when Ramsey was born. How excited you must have been! The videos are simply adorable. Both donkeys are beautiful.