Friday, August 16, 2013

The Big White Dawg

Say hello to the newest farm addition, Buster, the livestock guardian dog.  He is a 5 year old Meremma.  He came from the same farm as Kelsy did last year.  When Farm Buddy asked them for advice about a predator dog, they said they might have just the answer and this is it...

He was doing his job well at their farm with one exception.  He was great when his sheep were on the farm, but when they were moved to a pasture across the road, Buster would leave them and come back to the farm, which is where he wanted to be.  It was worrisome for the sheep and for Buster who was crossing the road by himself.  On the other hand, that is exactly what FB needs, a dog who will stay at the farm protecting everybody, not just the sheep.  It seemed like a good fit so he has been here for about 3 weeks on a trial basis. 

Something tells me the trial is over.

Buster on duty

He did suffer a rather brutal haircut because he had some terrible mats.  It's only hair though, it will grow back and then his tail won't look quite so goofy.

Patrolling the grounds.

In other news, I had some folks come out to visit Emma and Ramsey and all the rest of the Dancing Donkey crew.  They came all the way from Boston to meet a couple of special donkeys, which is amazing and just a bit baffling to me, but good.  It was a real pleasure to meet such wonderful people who love donkeys.  Thanks for coming. 


  1. So wonderful, Buster has a good home and he is loved and needed.

  2. Well hello Buster!
    Even with the goofy haircut he is quite handsome.

  3. oh, i like the new addition! glad he won't have a road to cross at your place any more!

  4. Buster is a beaut, and I know a Pyr who needs his mats cut out, too... so I'm glad Buster was able to get them.

  5. Our neighbors had their pyr clipped each summer and said it worked out well for them. Gabriel patrolled 4 farms and the road. We would all stop for him and get out of our vehicles to pet him.

    When his legs failed when he was very old ... you should have seen the outpouring of people who offered to get him picked up and taken home.

    I'm so glad Buster has a place, he looks so happy!

  6. Handsome fella, he kinda looks like Hank from Punkin's Patch, another excellent livestock guard..:-)

  7. Buster looks like a real character, glad he's found the perfect place, sounds like he deserves it :-)