Monday, February 11, 2013

An Afternoon Nap

"Jeez Gabe, it's a good thing you've got your feet well planted.  It looks like you might keel over any second.  A big lug like you would make a heck of a thud."

"Hmmm, are you in there?  That's not really your most attractive pose you know?"

"Lucky for you there aren't any flies out right now, huh?"

"And it's a good thing you don't use a pillow, you'd make a God-awful puddle if you started drooling."

"Do you suppose you'll regain consciousness anytime soon?  Your're kinda blocking traffic."

"Ah well, I guess I better move on and find something else to do before the temptation to reach up and go thwap, thwap, thwap with that thing gets to be too much for me.  Enjoy your nap."  Not that it looks like anything could disturb it...


  1. How do horses do that? He looks unconscious. Why doesn't he fall over? I rather like his 'pose' with that one hoof cocked a bit. Isn't it hard not to kiss that muzzle?

  2. He has a beautiful mane, I've never noticed it before!

  3. adorable... but I have to ask, is there a string line of some sort in that first pic going across his back feet? The way the light is it looks like a line..

    1. If you look really close, you will see the "line" goes across his front legs as well. There is a strand of electric poly-wire in between where he is standing and where I was. It is hanging low because I had one end propped up on the water tub just to keep Gabe from getting in where Ramsey was (just behind me at the time, "helping" with the photos). It is just a trick of the lens that makes it look like the "line" is on his legs, it is actually about 5 feet in front of him.

  4. Maybe not his most attractive pose, but so cute and huggable.

  5. hi, I'm a new reader/follower, and I love the floppy lip! I used to know a horse that ALWAYS had a floppy lip, it wasn't just when he was relaxed, I literally never saw him with it not hanging down, it was so funny