Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Stills - a Real Triumph (and a bit about hummingbirds)

First, thanks for all the great hummingbird info, you guys are better then Google!  I have been kind of reluctant to hang feeders because, as Wendywoo put it, "they are like having another very needy pet."  Juuust what I need.  Still, there was another one in the barn today, dashing his little self against the light panels in the roof trying to get out when he realized that the big orange "flower" was a dry well.  He just could not be convinced that he couldn't get out that way so I have bowed to the inevitable and hung up a feeder.  I found a cups worth of plain sugar in the back of the cupboard so I won't be poisoning them with my honey:)

This weeks Sunday Stills challenge was "music groups or songs in pic"s.  I gotta say, I pretty much gave up on this one as soon as I read the challenge.  I like music, but I have some kind of real mental block regarding it.  I can not hear music inside my head and I can not identify it at all without lyrics that I recognize.  I can remember the words in a song if I try, but the music is an elusive, slippery thing that escapes me as soon as it stops playing.   Music Appreciation 101 was the only course in college that I nearly failed.  The exams required us to identify a bit of classical music that was played.  I studied harder for that damn course than all of the upper level science courses I was enrolled in and I just couldn't do it.  The only thing that saved me was the old frat boy's trick of answering "C" to every question.  It actually worked!  I squeaked by with a "D" and railed at the damage to my precious GPA, which at the time, I really thought mattered.  

So, I was out taking pictures the other night, just before sunset when mostly invisible things suddenly become back-lit in golden light and I took these shots of spider webs.  I don't know what these spiders are called, but they build intricate, 3D, funnel shaped webs....

Once something goes in one, they can never leave...

and I thought HA! YESSS!!, I can actually do the  Sunday Stills Challenge....

because I think of these as "Hotel California" webs:)  Take that Music Appreciation 101!


  1. "You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave!" Good one! Very impressive!

  2. Nice! Done the same with spiderwebs and it''s harder than it looks.

  3. Good one, those are neat spiderwebs, especially in that last photo.

  4. What a neat idea for a photo shoot. Love the "hotel" reference.

  5. PERFECT!!! Hotel California!!! Love it!