Friday, May 25, 2012

Baby Update

We are getting close.  I took half the week off to be home for Emma.  Her belly has dropped again, her flanks are sunken in and I checked the calcium level of her milk.  It's at 400ppm.  Anything over 200 usually indicates foaling will occur within 1-4 days.   400 usually means the baby is due NOW, but it's been at 400 for 2 days.  Emma did not read the rule book.  The "milk" she is producing is amber colored, is about the consistency of maple syrup and is very sticky.  If this was a mature mare, I would be expecting baby any time.  I am expecting a baby any time!

If the baby doesn't show up very soon, I am going to get a vet out here even if I have to kidnap one.  It may just come to that. The one vet is leaving for vacation, the other two don't want to come out unless I can swear it is a life or death emergency.  This big holiday weekend, there is ONE vet on call, covering 3 counties.

I haven't posted much lately about the baby because I found that writing about it was making me worry about it even more.  Something I didn't think was humanly possible.  Instead, I make up goofy stories about Emma riding lawn mowers.  They're more fun and a bit distracting to write.  Hopefully, you won't get any more goofy stories and will be seeing baby pictures instead. 


  1. I'm willing to hear that everything went nice and smooth.
    Enma and you needs to relax after all this waiting time.You better start thinking in those great moments, all 3 together(Enma,baby and you) in the pastures,having good time.Be positive.
    And if you need the vet to come,and he doesn't,I personally will be happy to go there, and kidnap on him ;)
    Whish you good luck.!!!!!!!!!

  2. Come on Emma, I realy would not mind if you had the baby before June 1st.
    Today would be just fine.

    The goofy stories are fun!

  3. Can't wait to see pictures of the new little! Wonder what Tessa will make of it. Hoping and praying that all goes well, and SOON, with no need for the obnoxious vet!

  4. Can't wait to see the new "little". Am wondering what Tessa is going to make of it all. Hoping and praying for an easy and quick delivery for poor little, unsuspecting Emma! Good luck!

  5. I am just as worried as you about Emma...and I will pray that all goes well and Emma will be a very happy mama very soon!

  6. I love your goofy stories but I do hope the baby comes SOON! Hugs for you and Emma.

  7. I love your goofy stories. I do hope Emma has this baby SOON! Hugs to you and Emma.

  8. White milk and Emma should have that baby within 12 hrs. Do you have a friend or neighbor with birthing experience? I had a neighbor gentleman that would come whenever I called. Don't know what I would have done without him. Hoping everything will go well and you have been worrying for nothing. By the way, I love you goofy stories so please keeping them coming until this baby comes and then post lots of pictures!