Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sunny Days

I'm still working on the maternity ward.  I got everything moved out and the girls gave it a very thorough investigation.  I need to get a few more rubber mats to cover the evil stones, but they seem to approve.  It has been so warm that they have actually been hanging out in here now that I have it opened up.  I still don't have the windows put in because I am having trouble finding Plexiglas, turns out that no one wants to sell the stuff around here.  I think I may need to rethink my plan....again.  At the moment, it is OK because it is so unseasonably warm.  The barn is kind of hot because I haven't opened any of the windows yet. I can't quite make myself believe that the bad weather really is over so I have been putting that off, especially now that they can hang out in here where it is shady and breezy. 

Me: "What do you girls think of the new digs?"

Emma: "It's interesting, but you've got a long ways to go before you'll find me living in there.  We're headed out for a nap, you'd better get back to work." 

I've also been working on my garden area.  When I built these beds, I put down weed control fabric with stone on top to make, what I thought would be, maintenance free walkways.  I should have used black plastic because the weeds just took root on top of the fabric and the stone kept me from pulling them up.  I've been taking advantage of the weather to pull the fabric and stone out of there.  I am putting the stone in the muddy areas in front of the barn where it may do some good and I am going to put down black plastic with mulch on top around the garden beds.  It is a real back-buster pulling this stuff up and hauling the stone out on my little sled, but it is getting done.  Wouldn't it be nice if I could use the #@&*! tractor for this job?

They don't really look like instruments of the devil do they, sitting there all polite and seemingly ready to work?....
Don't let those bright, cheery colors fool you though.  They are pure, rotten trouble!  Bad to the bone, or frame or chassis or whatever the bleep it's called!

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