Thursday, March 22, 2012

Emma gives grooming lessons

Emma has asked me to pass on some Spring-time grooming tips for her fellow equines.  She hasn't quite gotten the hang of the computer keyboard so I have offered to do the typing for her (I am sure it is only a matter of time). 

There are several  ways to for an equine to deal with this itchy, scratchy time of year...

First, make sure your human has one of these things and knows how to use it properly.  It may take a while to teach your human where all the worst itchy spots are, but the time and effort you put into training them will be worth it.  I know it is slow going, training humans, but if you stay consistent and keep at it, you will find it can be rewarding....

Thankfully, there is always the  Do-it-Yourself method as backup.  I've been giving Tessa some coaching, but she has a way to go yet.  We are just beginning Spring Training though, so I am sure she will progress..."C'mon Tess, get those legs up or you won't make it all the way over"...

It is important to use a little care with this method.  Look what can happen if you aren't paying attention.  Such things can be quite embarrassing.... 

Finally, if your weather becomes unseasonably warm, you may want to experiment with this new grooming method I just discovered.  A nice cool bath is just the thing when it is 80 degrees in March....


  1. Emma, Star and Buddy are training me in the proper grooming technique. Thank you for the advice.

    Kris: "Very cute!"

  2. Nice fresh and clean! Very funny video..

  3. Emma really must offer more of these online classes!

  4. LOVE the picture of Emma coaching Tessa! Too funny!