Monday, December 5, 2011

The Dashing Donkey!

You may recall that Emma came from a not-so-good home, that she has a baby brother and parents with severely neglected feet (find the whole story here and here).  Well, baby brother has gone to his new home and finally has a real name.  Say hello to Dash (Isn't that just the best name for such a dashing fellow, I love it)!
Dash is doing great in his new home.  In true donkey style, he has charmed the whole barn and loves dashing up and down the aisle ways. 

That isn't the end of the good news though.  Finally giving in to pressure from me and Dash's new person, the owner of these donkeys has agreed to sell the jack and jenny as well.  They are going together to their new home this week where they will get the care and attention they are so deserving of. 

It really doesn't take much to have a to have a big impact on the lives of animals.  A little time, a little effort and four (FIVE if you count jenny's next baby, as I am sure she is pregnant again) have wonderful new lives.  Yeah for the donkeys!

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  1. I am totally enjoying your blog. I look forward to more stories. I just had to put down one of my horses, which leaves just Libby, alone in the pasture. I have found a Donkey, of whom I will go pick up this Saturday. And I will enter the kingdom of the Donkey. It will be a learning curve. I read where Emma got a fever. How come? I am up to ANY and ALL Advice you can give me. I could not find your email, hence replying here to your post.