Friday, December 23, 2011

And the winner is....

I don't usually have this much trouble coming up with names for my animals.  Tessa's registered name is Daisy's Irish Jig so, I guess calling her Daisy would have been the thing to do but, she just seemed like "Tessa" from the first.  Emma was "Emma" form the first moment I saw her and everybody just agreed.  It was like she just came with the name even though her previous owner had never given her a name at all.  Maybe donkeys are just born knowing their own names?

I have had the hardest time coming up with the right name for this horse though.  I think it is because I have sort of known him for a while and once someone has a name, it is very hard to change it.  This is why I am not a fan of naming children after their parents.  Not only is it confusing but, it leads to men in their forties still being called things like Junior, Bubbles, Beaver (hi Beaver!).....I think everybody should have a name of their own.

There were a lot of good names submitted that I had to reject for just this reason, Scout is Tanner's Brother's name so, definitely taken already.  Tucker was a fine horse who belonged to an ex-boyfriend and Shiloh was a mare I worked with when I was young. 

There were a few really interesting names and observations here.  I don't think I would ever have noticed the stingray on his right flank if Lindsy F Loyd hadn't pointed it out, I appreciate that one.  I found the name too much of a mouthful and Stinger just doesn't suit his goober personality. 

The musical references provided by EM were interesting but, "hopelessly inept" doesn't even begin to cover my lack of musical comprehension.  The words were intriguing but had no context for me (I am totally unable to hear music in my head).  I couldn't "see" them well enough with my brain.  You can tell just by that last sentence that musical references render me completely incompetent!

There were several names that nearly made it, only to be fatally shot down by one of my friends...Piper was the front runner for a while but my riding buddy (who will hopefully be riding "ole no-name" also) didn't like it at all.  Tinker took the lead for a bit but, "why would you name him after Tinker Bell?" just ruined the image for me.  Tonka, Finley....I liked these names but, they just wouldn't stick to him.  In fact, that is what happened to nearly all of them.  You guys provided quite a list of good names, most of them just didn't attach themselves to this horse. 

So, it has been a long and difficult choice but, say hello to Gabriel...

Thank you everybody for your wonderful suggestions and for reading this blog.  Julie, please send me an email at with your address so that I can send you some Fudge!


  1. Hello, Gabriel!!! You've landed in heaven on earth! :) I know a Gabriel... it's a fine name!

    Merry Christmas to you and your herd!

  2. Nice name. I'm sure it will live up to that namesake :-) There will be a day .... well stories haven't been written yet about what a fine horse that you are!

  3. A good strong name for a wonderful boy. Happy trails....!!!

  4. Thank you for considering my suggestions. You know, it actually makes sense to me when you say you couldn't "see" the words well enough with your brain, and I'm glad you found just the right name -- Hello, Gabriel!

    Best wishes to you and yours, EM (new fan of your Blog)