Saturday, October 20, 2012

Prodigal's Return

Tessa came home from the trainers this morning looking fit and sleek.

Gabe was thrilled to have his girlfriend back.  He has been sulking and moping for the last two weeks thinking he had been abandoned forever.  He wanted to be with the donkeys, but he can't be trusted not to hurt them so I have kept them separated.  Now, he is no longer the loneliest, saddest, most put-upon painted pony ever born.  His world brightened up considerably with Tessa's return.

Emma was initially quite happy to see her friend return as well.  However, at the moment Tessa has eyes only for her beloved Gabe (because she is in heat and spent the last month just one pasture away from a handsome paint stud).  I told Emma not to worry, the romance will wear off in a few days as usual and Tess will remember her friends.  In the meantime, how about a new toy....   

Tomorrow, we are going riding.


  1. It's hard to see them off to a trainers, but I love it when they return - and always in such good shape. I only wish I had enough time to keep them so fit.