Monday, August 3, 2015

Everybody gets to eat

Lucky for us, it looks like mushrooms won't be the only thing on the menu this winter despite the lousy, wet hay weather we have had. 

We have made some major changes to hay making this year.  The farmer that I have been buying straw from told me last year that he also makes hay.  Initially, I didn't think much about it as he only makes the giant square bales (they weight about 800 lbs) and I have no way to handle those.  However, he told me he could bring the hay over along with his skid-steer and just put it in the barn for me.  That sounded rather appealing.

After all the trouble we had last year, we opted not make dry hay at Farm Buddy's like we have the past few years.  Her first cutting was all made into baleage and I decided to try the huge square bales.

I spent the weekend cleaning out the hay shed and getting ready.

He was able to stack the bales right into the barn with the skid-steer.  Oh the joys of power equipment!

This is the first time ever that I have hay in the barn without having handled it myself.  Quite a novelty. 

I am very happy to have a barn full of hay, especially since I think it will be in short supply this year.  Kipper is happy to have a new mattress.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Story Time

"Hey donkey, you want to hear another story?"

"Oh, must I?  It's awfully hot for this ya know?"

"Well, what else you got to do?  It's hot right?"

"Alright.  Tell me a story, I'm listening."

"OK, see, there was this rabbit hiding out under the brush pile...I just love rabbits ya know, hmmm, yum, yum.  Anyway, there was this rabbit...."

"....hey wait, what's that?!"

"Did you see that???  Was that a mouse?"

*sigh*  "I should know better than to listen to a cat, we're gonna be here all day"

"Well, we will if I get my way:)"

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Swimming Weather

Connor learned to swim this Spring and, once he figured out that he could swim, he took to it with his usual unalloyed enthusiasm.

My winter puppy does not appreciate the heat and he swims in the pond 2-3 time a day every day.

The shark in his natural element.

I think it's time to join him.

Into the Sunset

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Several people have wondered about Connor and his teddy.  What can I say? 

Connor is one of the more interesting dogs I've known.  He is all wild enthusiasm, exuberance and nearly manic energy.  He is ultra high octane (even more than most Border Collies) and beneath that fluffy coat, he is nothing but whipcord and muscle.  Connor has a very different relationship with gravity than the rest of us mere mortals.

He is also fiercely intelligent and under all of that kinetic energy is a highly sensitive and somewhat fragile soul.  Given a job to do, all that energy, enthusiasm and intelligence come together into a quiet, focused powerhouse.  I think he could be an exceptional stock dog if he was allowed to develop his skills and focus his energy without scaring him.  Not much frightens Connor, but once he does get scared of something, there is no changing it.  You don't get any second chances with Connor.

Like any mortal creature though, even Connor needs a certain amount of rest and downtime, but those are the things that come hardest to him.  This is where the blue rabbit comes in, hideous and grubby as it is despite regular washing.

Connor has used his stuffed toys as a kind of surrogate right from the start and he began "nursing" on them the day I brought him home.   The blue bunny, which was a hand-me-down from a friend, is the one that has held up.  The nursing is clearly a self-soothing, somewhat compulsive behavior.  He puts his whole mouth over the teddy's face and sucks on it with all of his unquenchable enthusiasm,  sometimes for hours at a time.  He kneads it with his paws and goes into a kind of meditative trance and afterward, gravity wins for just a bit and he sleeps.

For all his meteoric energy, exuberance and drive, I often think that this is when you can see Connor's true personality the clearest.

Monday, July 27, 2015

All Grown Up

Emma turns five today.  Hard to believe how much this one little donkey brought into my life when I brought her home to be a "safe, easy" companion for Tessa.  Little did I know that she would sneak right past all my defenses.  It's the unexpected treasures that always steal the heart.


Happy Birthday my sweet Emma girl.  Thanks for teaching me about the joy of donkeys.  

Sunday, July 26, 2015


A sizable chunk of Riding Buddy's hay supply, all dry, raked, ready to bale.....

...and getting rained on.  Such a sad, sorry sight.

At least the puppies had a great time.