Monday, October 1, 2012

Bad Bad Donkeys

I've been busy the last few days and, while Emma and Ramsey haven't exactly been neglected, they have been making it quite clear that they don't think they have been getting enough of my time.  Much like a puppy suffering separation anxiety and destroying a favored pair of shoes, they have found little ways of expressing their displeasure at my neglect. 

I give you exhibit A:
This bit of culvert is the bridge over the ditch just outside my door.  It used to be buried under the ground.  Digging the whole thing out and reburying it is now on the to-do list.  Emma and Ramsey will absolutely love supervising that job.  It will, no doubt, provide several hours of fun entertainment. 

I cherish the bond I have developed with Emma and now with Ramsey, but it is also difficult when I can't be around as much as they would like.  I had thought it would be easier when Ramsey was born and they would have each other for company.  Like all plans though, it hasn't quite worked out that way.  Now I have two donkeys who think I should spend all my time with them. 


  1. Well, that's a pain in the neck. But not so bad when you consider the soft snuffling against your neck. At least they don't poop in the kitchen when they're feeling neglected!

  2. Yeah, to the above. And they're not in the kitchen banging every lower cupboard door, like my cat. She knows how to open them and let them slam shut. At least that doesn't cost me hours of backbreaking work!

    Face it - you have a couple of 4-legged toddlers!

    Nancy in Iowa

  3. I haven't informed "Royal" that I am crazy about these two donkey characters. Therefore, I will whisper this. (Need a babysitter? Call me!)

  4. (Sigh) I think I know what you mean. Either they don't need you - or they need you too much.

  5. Another sign of very smart donkeys. Bummer about having to repair the culvert, but at least you know they like having you around :)


  6. I love it when Star prefers MY company to that of Libby and Buddy....So cute that Emma and Ramsey shows their love! LOL