Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Creepy Crawlies

Well, I thought I had a cute donkey video to share today, but Blogger strikes again.  It has disappeared.  I got an email from Google this morning telling me how they were going to be "improving" things even more with ongoing "web crawls" through their blogs.  I find the notion rather creepy and I'm a woman who actually likes spiders.  So, just in case any of the creepy Google spiders are visiting today...

Dear Google,
If you are crawling your way through this blog post, would you please take note that your "improvements" have backfired and not many people actually want to live with a bunch of  Black Widows creeping around under every post.  Please crawl back to your web and hit the reset button.

Hopefully, we can resume our regular broadcasting tomorrow.


  1. IMPROVEMENTS! PHEW! Just like Faceboon, hate their improvements. If it is NOT broken please quit fixing it!