Friday, October 5, 2012

A Homecoming

I rode Gabe home this afternoon from his little sojourn with Riding Buddy.  Emma and Ramsey were right on hand to welcome him home.

It was interesting to see that Emma was actually glad to see him.  While they have always gotten along OK, they have never really been buddies.  I am hoping that since Tessa is still gone (that is actually good news, I will tell you more later, but I can't quite write about it just yet), that Gabe will learn to apprecite the donkeys more.  He likes them well enough, but he often treats them more like play-toys then herdmates. 

Emma has grown to a solid 44 inches, but compared to Gabe's 16.2 hands (66 inches), she is still pretty small (not that it mattered after Ramsey first arrived, Emma was more than willing to eat Gabe alive if he got too close to her baby).  As for little Ramsey....

he has a ways to go before he gets to play with this big guy.   I guess it's a good thing that Ramsey was more interested in playing with Gabe's hoof boots than with Gabe.

I was interested and glad to see that Emma is no longer feeling threatened by Gabe.  I think the two week separation was good for all of them.  Absence does make the heart grow fonder...

Lately, it seems that every day that Ramsey gets older, Emma gets a little younger.  She has begun to really play with Ramsey, something I am thrilled to see.  

Of the three of them, it was Ramsey who was the least interested.  His biggest concern seemed to be that Gabe's return would mean less attention for himself.  Aside from these photos, he stuck to me like a warm, fuzzy burr.



  1. They are all so cute!

  2. I would never get one ding dang thing done at my house if I had those three lovely funny characters around. Not one dang thing!

  3. Gabe must be bigger than he looks in the picture. The Quarter Horse/Morgan? I had as a teenagers was 15-1. Always loved horses-still do. Dig the blog's name!

    1. He is bigger than he looks, you never really notice until you stand beside him. Or try to get on!

  4. I love that second family photo! Emma's expression is adorable!