Monday, April 16, 2018

Automatic Donkey Scrubber

A while ago we introduced the one and only Solar Powered Donkey Warmer.  Well, today we are here with a whole new product! 

The fully Automatic Donkey Scrubber!

Some assembly required. 

Step 1:  Order some of these stiff-bristled scrub brushes I found on Amazon for $2 each.

Step 2:  Present the box of brushes to the donkeys for inspection (of course, like most kids, they will think the box is the best part of this new present).

Step 3:  Sit back and watch while donkeys empty box and prepare scrubbers for assembly. 

(This may take awhile.  You know how hard it is to decipher assembly instructions.)

Step 4:  Once the donkeys have emptied the box and carted it off for complete annihilation, gather up the brushes and begin installation.

Step 5:  Using the handy-dandy cordless drill which every self-respecting barn owner should already have, use 2 inch screws (or whatever you have on hand that works) to attach the brushes to the designated scratching areas.  Proper placement of the brushes is crucial, however any barn with donkeys in it will already have pre-marked scratching areas. 

Step 6:  Wait a couple of weeks for the donkeys to think about the new brushes and decide that they meet with their approval.  Timing may vary depending on suspicion level of individual donkeys. 

Once the donkeys finish demolishing the box, they will be delighted with the All New Automatic Donkey Scrubbers.  Once they finally decide to stop being mad at you for wrecking their favorite scratching post and decide they like the brushes anyway.  Be patient.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Puppy Overdose

I told Elva today that I was going to have to start carrying around some of that Narcan stuff in case she completely overdoses on puppies.

It could happen.

The puppies have moved out into the garage/woodshed and they are enjoying their new space....

...and practicing to be big, serious guard dogs.

They are terribly ferocious.

 Practicing their attack skills....

...while mom shows them how to protect every, little thing.  Including puppy toys that need to be rescued, handled gently and guarded from marauders.

I've seen a lot of posts recently about how Livestock Guardian Dogs should not be handled by people and that they have to be locked in and isolated with their charges so that they will bond with them. 

Total hogwash.

Yes, the puppies need to be around livestock and, by the time these pups leave, they will know all about sheep, lambs, chickens, cattle, cats, other dogs, etc.  Each of these puppies is spoken for and they are all going to small farms where they will have a variety of livestock and people to look after.  They are fully capable of doing all that may be asked of them whether it is looking after a flock a milk goats, hiking with their people or guarding the sheep while they watch Border Collies learn how to do their jobs.

These dogs are intelligent, intuitive and have been born with the aptitude and skill to do all of the above while also riding happily in a car to the vet's office or distinguishing a real threat from stray child wandering in to visit the lambs.  I know most people don't want stray children wandering around in their fields, but it happens all the time and even fewer of us want the dogs to devour the small children.  I personally don't know why anyone would want a big, powerful dog that can't be handled - or a small, toothless dog for that matter.

I find it to be a baffling disservice to these dogs to expect them to live alone amongst a flock of sheep, making all the tough decisions, protecting them from all threats while simultaneously believing them to be too stupid to do anything else.  I've met a few dogs raised like that and, as much as I love dogs, I'd never want one of them around.

Fortunately for these pups, they are all going to homes where they will be able to live up to their true abilities and be loved and appreciated for all of them.

Now all we have to do is figure out how to keep Elva from going into massive puppy withdrawal at the end of May when they finally move on to their new farms.  Does Narcan work on puppy overdose?

Thursday, April 12, 2018

These Two!

This is one of my new favorite pictures.  Ben looks like a little kid begging to play and my Little Brown Brat is soooo determined that he is going to win.

So far, it's a draw.

Except for the toys, which are showing signs of wear.

"Play with me!"

"No, you play with ME!"

"OK, let's play."

I can't get enough of watching these two...

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Absurdly Cute

The puppies are 4 weeks old today and they have reached the point that may just be maximum cuteness.

They have gone well past the grub stage into the fluffy, sweet, cuddly stage.

So cute, it almost makes your eyes roll.

So cute that nibbling on another puppies foot might even seem like a good idea.




Absurdly cute.

And they know it!

Friday, April 6, 2018

Boys Are Sooo Dumb


"Do you see them back there?  See what I have to put up with now?"

"Round and round and up and down they go."

"It's just an empty feed dish they're trying to destroy."


"What is the point?"

Monday, April 2, 2018

Gateway Drug

Now that Ben and Ramsey have broken the play barrier, it did not take them long to destroy the World's Greatest Toy.

I had to step in and cancel playtime because Ramsey ate one end of it.  I tried to get it away from him, but by the time I got there, he'd already chewed it into mush and swallowed most of it.  Hopefully, the little bits will just pass on by unnoticed.  I took the toy away for fear of toy poisoning. 

Fortunately, the toy proved to be a gateway drug and the boys just moved on to other "toys", such as rubber feed pans. 

Di, thanks again for the toy.  I'm sorry it got demolished already, but it is great to see the boys playing together!