Saturday, October 6, 2012

On The Road

This week's challenge, was "on the road".  I haven't been on the road much except for my commute back and forth to work and there just weren't any photo ops.  Instead, join me on the "roads" I always prefer.... 

It's that time of year, keep an eye out for leaf peepers.

If things get too crowded, head for the evergreens instead.

Wouldn't you know it, speed bumps even out here...
Hey, watch where you're going.  Keep your eyes on the road will ya?

Some of these road signs are so danged hard to read.

Any gnomes or fairies looking for a place to stay? Plenty of vacancies.  I guess the housing market is still down.

Detour.  Go left, right,left,left, up, backwards, left again...

Slow down, construction ahead.

Always, always keep a close watch out for crazy drivers.  This bozo was so intent on peeping his leaf, he nearly sideswiped me....

Best to just take a deep breath, stay calm and keep going though.  You don't want to incite any road-rage.

And remember, if things get too bad, it's best to just stop and smell the roses...or whatever these things are...


  1. Such a lovely walk in the woods! You had to get pretty close for your snake photo!! Nice one of the mushroom and frog!

  2. Great shots, the froggy pic is fantastic!!

  3. What a fun read!!! Thanks for the morning smiles.

  4. Gosh, a great post and wonderful pictures.

  5. Excellent, I much prefer these kinds of roads as well. I love the fungus growing on the log, that is just neat, we don't see that much here (too dry, lol)

  6. Loved your take on the challenge....and I always enjoy seeing some black and white in people's photos.

  7. What wonderful roads you walked! The best kind, close to home and familiar with color and critters.. :) Lovely preference.

  8. love these. Do you know about the Maine Fairy Houses?

    1. I'd never heard of them, but I just looked them up. I haven't ever found anything like that in the woods:)

  9. Wow, what an exciting roads u got. it reminds me of movie called 'The Village'

  10. WoW!! What an interesting post :) cool captures :)

  11. what a cute perspective on the challenge...captions made me smile and fantastic pics!!!