Thursday, June 18, 2020

Two Good to be True

Hello blog readers, Farm Buddy here again...

Guess who is two, two, too good to be true?  

It is my boy, Ian!!  Yes, he turns two years old today!  

He has had a week of celebration with multiple trips to visit his buddies Kaia and Connor for exciting trips to the ledges where there is a beautiful creek for swimming and new hiking trails to explore.  Of course Kelsey and Bess have accompanied him on these journeys.  

Ian has been herding sheep and cattle every day, and he also enjoys spending some daily time observing the new three piglets.  Ian has a talent for finding fun in all farm chores.  For example, when I move the cattle to their daily new section of pasture, I have to roll up the polywire from the previous move.  Ian loves to grab this wire and bring to me, while I furiously reel it up before he manages to tangle the whole mess!  He also finds it to be a thrilling prospect when I move the stock tank each day.  When I carry the 50 gallon tank to the next section of pasture, the 50-foot hose dangles behind.  Ian thinks it is helpful for him to grab this hose and carry it, while I try to convince him to stay ahead and avoid possibly puncturing the poor hose.  

And then there are the cats.  

Ian remains fascinated by the cats.  Every morning, I let all four of my cats outside for a 15-minute excursion.  I then put Ian out with them to supervise them and to make absolutely sure that the they don't bother the birds.  Don't worry about the birds; Ian knows where each cat is and makes sure that they behave until they are back in the house.  

Then there are his eating habits.  For over a year and a half, he was an incredibly fussy eater.  He was not tempted by my spectacular stews made of farm-raised beef or chicken, fresh eggs, or assorted organ meats and bone broth.  He would only eat his food, and then reluctantly, when the dry kibble was fed separately from the added beef/chicken/eggs.  And then he would really only eat his food when Kelsey or Bess expressed interest in it.  Then all of a sudden, one day he decided he liked to eat!  Now I can mix his dry food with the beef/chicken/eggs/bone broth, and he is the first dog to clean his dish! 

Probably his happiest day in between turning one to two was when his new buddy Kaia entered into the picture.  She has given him much joy, and he is thankful that Kris got her for him!!!

Happy Birthday Ian, and may you have many, many more!!!!


  1. Happy birthday beautiful boy! You are smart, and a very lucky lad to have such a loving home and great friends.

  2. Happy Birthday, Ian. You are a true friend and a good dog

  3. Awww Happy Birthday! Looks like you have a winner there! Ian is so helpful!

  4. Tails from your farm are always a treat Elva! Happy Birthday to Ian - smart lad.

  5. Happy Birthday Ian, keep on herding those cats!

  6. I need a video of him carrying the hose for you. :) Ian is such a good doggie.