Sunday, June 21, 2020

The One and Only

Okay, blog readers, here is the last one in the series of canine dog birthdays, and it is indeed an important one....the princess, Miss Kaia turns ONE!!

And what she has accomplished in just a short year!  

She has most definitely won over the heart of her owner, Kris, and Ian's too! 

She has turned Connor's life upside down, but in a good way! 

She has literally run circles around all of us, and has kept us all on our toes with her fun-loving and frequently thieving ways!  

She is fast, sweet, sometimes conniving, smart, cute, tough, and definitely spunky!  

Around here, all humans and canines alike are looking forward to celebrating many, many birthdays with this girl! 

Happy Birthday Kaia!!!!


  1. Happy birthday, gorgeous girl!

  2. Happy birthday! She's such a pretty girl. I can see why she is the Princess.

  3. Happy Birthday Sweet Doggo!!! So glad you are part of the windprite family Kris!!!

  4. It's good to be happy on your birthday!!! She is one happy girl!!!

  5. What a character! Happy birthday to the Princess Kaia!

  6. Happy Birthday princess. I knew you would be just right for Kris.