Thursday, June 11, 2020

A Bird in the Hand

Hello Blog Readers, Farm Buddy here....

The month of June is a special one for dogs around here.  There are no less than three important birthdays in this month!  

We start off with Kelsey, otherwise known as Kelsey Bird, who turns eleven years old today!

She has gracefully and skillfully assumed the role of oldest dog in the pack, and she rules the others with quiet authority (for the most part) and subtleness, which is also her strategy for working sheep and cattle.  She has kindly put up with the shenanigans of young Ian over the past almost two years, and she has even tolerated Princess Kaia, who could test the patience of any Border Collie!  

We celebrated this auspicious occasion in grand fashion by taking the pack for a hike on the beautiful Finger Lakes Trail, where the dogs got to gallop through beaver ponds, chase each other around trees, and just enjoy the sights and smells of a new location.  Everyone had a wonderful time!  

We finished off the hike with a swim in my pond to wash away any beaver swamp scum, and now Kelsey is taking a well deserved nap on the couch.  She will get a special dinner with lots of grass-fed beef and milk from my cow, Jane, and will be in fine shape to tackle the years to come.  Let's hear it for Kelsey, and may she be with us for many, many future adventures!!!


  1. Happy birthday Kelsey, she looks like she sure has a great life, swimming in ponds, birthday treats and all.

  2. Happy Birthday beautiful girl.

  3. Happy Birthday Kelsey. She's a beautiful dog and does not look 11 at all.

  4. Happy Birthday Kelsey! Many more happy years! :)