Sunday, April 14, 2019

Room Service

Beautiful Spring days are a rare treat and not something to be squandered away inside.  On such rare and special days, the donkeys agree with me and only come in long enough to get a drink before heading back out to the sun drenched tundra. 

However, Ben still needs his daily medicine - medicine that makes him super fussy about his food and if I want him to eat it, I have to serve it properly.  He gets 1 cup of Triple Crown Lite, a scoop of California Trace vitamins, which have to be carefully sprinkled with just the right amount of beetroot powder to hide the taste, and his tablet of Prascend.  He still gets a bit skeptical sometimes if I haven't gotten the ratios just right...

Everyone else gets 1/2 a cup of Triple Crown Lite to make the vitamins go down and Emma gets a handful of organic raspberry leaves because it helps smooth out the trials of having to live with 3 boys. 

 I sure wish I could order room service. 


  1. Or that they worried about your vitamin balance! However, they all look great. So there’s that.

  2. Great shot of Ian. I had not heard of Triple Crown Lite and had to look it up. Lucky, lucky donkeys. Rebecca2

  3. What a BEAUTIFUL spring main picture!! I love that tongue!!

  4. All the donkeys look super fit and super happy. Happy Spring.

  5. I've never heard of feeding organic raspberry leaves.

  6. Your a Good Mother Kris. And a good friend to put Ian front and center because we all know that Elva likes equal time for Canines...especially hers!!!

    1. Oh come on, Shelley, anyone that has a cute tongue like Ian DESERVES to be front and center!!!!

  7. I love how much care and thought you put into you animals! Love it.
    If they would like more raspberry leaves...I will have tons of them in my forest. I miss my donkeys for that very same reason. They used to keep the wild berries in check!