Sunday, April 28, 2019

Home Again

 Tessa, and her alarmingly large belly, came home this weekend. 

It was no big deal for most of the herd, but for Albert, it was a different matter.  Can you see the steam coming out of his ears?  He is thinking soooo hard, trying to decide if he should say hello or bite her on the ass.

He was fine living with horses before he came here and he was quite enamored of his old girlfriend Rosie.  However, when he moved here, he found donkey Nirvana.  He has Ramsey and Ben to play with and he LOOOOVES Emma.  When he is not wrestling with Ramsey, he is hanging out with Emma - the love of his life.  He is never more than a few feet away from one or the other.

While Tess kept trying to say hello to her pals, Albert kept trying to herd his woman off to his cave.

Ramsey was allowed to say Hi...

...and Ben - he was his normal stoic, unfazed self.  As long as he isn't the one leaving, it's all just fine and nothing to get too excited about. 

Unless there happens to be a big, fat, pregnant pony hot on his heels.  No way does he want to get run over by that train.

There was a bit of galloping around...

...and some slow-speed chasing,

...mostly fueled by Albert thinking that HIS territory was being invaded.

It didn't take long for Tess to get down to what matters most.  As long as she has some friends in sight and food on hand, she is content.

Welcome home Tess.  I am still trying to figure out where my brain was at when I decided to breed her, but we are at day 312 and counting till mule baby shows up.



  1. Tests looks really good, won't be long now!

  2. I can’t wait to see the baby! Also the reunion was priceless

  3. Oh Tessa! You love your donkeys! I hope Albert decides to woo Tess and let her be among HER herd!

  4. This is the fun part! The suspense! Waiting to meet a new being. Pretty cool.

  5. Oh boy! A baby soon for us to see.