Monday, April 22, 2019

An Unexpected Game

Spring is the best time of year, especially for troublemakers. 

Turn your sound off for these, I couldn't get the music to work:(

In case you are thinking anyone is getting left out...this happened after Albert and Ramsey spent 20 minutes wrestling and chasing Emma around.  They'd had enough, so Al talked Ben into a game. 

Little Albert Einstein is a troublemaker of the highest order.  He is always the first to notice a flaw in the fence, which he promptly shows to Emma or Ramsey so he can follow them out.  Not only because he is inseparable from the rest of the herd, but because it is no fun getting into trouble without your best friends along for the fun - or to take the blame.


  1. They are just too cute for words

  2. SO happy Ben's in the game! Fun to see him playing with the little instigator!

  3. hahaha, keeps their momma on her toes :)

  4. Donkeys are very creative and fun. I know our mule Fred was like this when he was young, he was the ringleader of trouble for many years! He'd even jump the into the neighbor's pasture and then back again when he was done eating.