Monday, April 16, 2018

Automatic Donkey Scrubber

A while ago we introduced the one and only Solar Powered Donkey Warmer.  Well, today we are here with a whole new product! 

The fully Automatic Donkey Scrubber!

Some assembly required. 

Step 1:  Order some of these stiff-bristled scrub brushes I found on Amazon for $2 each.

Step 2:  Present the box of brushes to the donkeys for inspection (of course, like most kids, they will think the box is the best part of this new present).

Step 3:  Sit back and watch while donkeys empty box and prepare scrubbers for assembly. 

(This may take awhile.  You know how hard it is to decipher assembly instructions.)

Step 4:  Once the donkeys have emptied the box and carted it off for complete annihilation, gather up the brushes and begin installation.

Step 5:  Using the handy-dandy cordless drill which every self-respecting barn owner should already have, use 2 inch screws (or whatever you have on hand that works) to attach the brushes to the designated scratching areas.  Proper placement of the brushes is crucial, however any barn with donkeys in it will already have pre-marked scratching areas. 

Step 6:  Wait a couple of weeks for the donkeys to think about the new brushes and decide that they meet with their approval.  Timing may vary depending on suspicion level of individual donkeys. 

Once the donkeys finish demolishing the box, they will be delighted with the All New Automatic Donkey Scrubbers.  Once they finally decide to stop being mad at you for wrecking their favorite scratching post and decide they like the brushes anyway.  Be patient.


  1. I think I'll install one of these for Joe!

  2. What a great idea! You will need to unclog it daily though during shedding season!

  3. Genius....I wonder if it would work for cows? Our Jersey wants to be petted, scratched, rubbed, brushed for as long as you will do it.