Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Shaded Out

Hmmm, sunbathing on a cold day....looks like a good idea, but the best spots are taken.  What's a big donkey to do?

The Little Brown Brat certainly looks comfortable...

 Out of the wind and in the sun...

That sure does look like a good place for a big donkey.

"HEY you BIG LUG!  Get out of the way, you're blocking my sun."

"Humm, am I?  I hadn't noticed.  What a pity."

 "Life is so unfair.  Why did Ma ever have to bring that big lug home"


  1. Good post and pictures. I can FEEL the warmth of the sun!

  2. Oh, Ben. Poor Ramsey. Too funny.

  3. I love to watch my herds of cattle and equine all maneuver for the best spot in the sun.