Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Little Miss Lulu

I've met a lot of puppies over the years, but until very recently, I had never met a purebred Afghan Hound puppy.  Now I have.

Meet Lulu...

She is about 12 weeks old here and I found her to be super sweet, intelligent, curios and oh-so-soft and cuddly.

These are awful pictures that do not do her justice, but it is hard to get good photos of a blue-grey puppy on grey snow on a very grey day. 

The dark bits you see on her are not dirt, they are dark points like you might see on a Siamese cat.  The horse behind her is Rosie, the foundered mare whose feet I have been working on.  She has significant rotation in both front feet, but she is making great progress, which you can see in her alert gaze and nice square stance.  She was feeling good on this day that we had to chase her a bit to catch her for feet trimming.

Lulu has not gotten to fully meet the horses yet, but she is intrigued.

She is trying to decide if she should be worried about horses or if they would be fun to chase. 

Lulu is super soft and silky right now, but I confess that I am glad I am not the one who will have to take care of the coat she is going to grow into. 

I think she might look a bit like this one day...

I know that if I had a dog like this, I'd end up taking the scissors to her the first time Mud Season hit, which would probably cause Afghan Hound breeders everywhere to have a stroke. 

I am super glad to meet Lulu and I am looking forward to watching her grow up.  I am also glad that I am not in charge of grooming.

I will stick with cuddling every time I visit.   Who could resist a puppy like this after all? 


  1. They are beautiful dogs. But I couldn’t cope with the grooming

  2. There's a reason why you rarely see Afghans in the Obedience Ring. Long ago, a friend of mine was trying to show her Afghan when he got away from her. Afghans are not known to "come-when-called." My friend threw herself down on the ground, screaming and kicking, and then lay still. The Afghan could not resist returning to check her out - - that's when my friend grapped his collar. Just saying.

  3. She's adorable! But I'm with you. I don't want to spend more time grooming my dogs hair than I do my own, LOL!

  4. What a beauty of a dog! However the burdocks here would have her looking like a poodle in no time! Or I'd have to clip.

  5. She is very cute..... a neighbor has two ( both from Rescue groups). Of course here in Ca Our winters are not as brutal. But these folks give them a very short cut. Probably for their comfort in our heat, but also for less overall grooming. They are gorgeous and super sweet girls, but they will chase ANYTHING. A bit uncontrollable, but in fairness to the dogs, they haven’t had much obedience training. They are both black. This sweetie is goi;g to have fun on the Farm!

  6. Sighthounds are the best!!! I have two silken windsprites....did greyhound rescue for years and have had a borzoi in the past. I can't imagine life without em now...

  7. Grooming was the first thing I thought her tail so curly and little:)