Monday, November 20, 2017

Sweet Puppy Goodness

A while ago, I introduced you to Baby Bea, Farm Buddy's sister's new puppy.  There was much agonizing about getting a new puppy because they were worried that the old dog might feel upset and upstaged by a new puppy.

It has been my experience though, that most, not all, but most, older dogs enjoy having a puppy around.  It is the nature of dogs to be a part of a pack and pack means older dogs raising and training the pups.  A puppy can often bring a lot of new life and joy into an old dog's world and a good old dog is the best trainer a puppy can have.

Linda was going to put off getting a puppy even though she really wanted one, but then a friend of hers who raises Goldens had just the right puppy and the temptation was unbearable. While FB and her sister were obsessing over this, I told them that Linda should just get the puppy.  Life is short and if you have the time, space, money and energy for a puppy then you should have one.  If you have a pair of sweet, older Goldens who love company, than you should definitely get the puppy.

Fortunately, I was right.  Sadie adopted little Bea after the first few days and absolutely loves her new puppy.

So does everyone else.

Bea has been a big hit....

and, she is learning all she needs to know from her mentors.

 There is nothing like a good pack.


  1. Aw. That is so heartwarming. Golden puppies are so very adorable.

  2. Very sweet. I love dogs. Those are beautiful ones.
    I'm glad she got the puppy.

  3. Love this little story. Unfortunately, it has not been true in my own experience

  4. I've always had good luck with this too. In fact Mr. Morris has helped mentor so many hounds that have passed through my life. Well mannered older dogs always are good for young dogs.

  5. It's been ten years since my last puppy, but that "puppy" at two years of age welcomed a slightly younger rescue dog and they've been best buds ever since.

  6. I agree. We plan to get a pup for our Saint to train before she's too old - but gaging the time is a bit tricky. She is only 11, so there's no rush yet, most days she still acts like a pup herself (if you ignore the fact that she comes into the house more often during the day and now spends her nights sleeping in Mr Shoes' lazyboy).