Saturday, November 11, 2017

Rioting Protestors

This Fall, I have been trying, again, to get everyone to accept grazing muzzles.  All I can say is that I have finally found something that all the donkeys agree on wholeheartedly. 

And yes, Ramsey's muzzle is half off, Emma is in the wrong place and the fence is all messed up.  That's what happens when the populace starts rioting in the streets.

I finally fenced off the yard again and let them all out on the lawn, much to Connor's dismay (you can never please everybody).

There was much excitement at first at the joy of being loose in forbidden territory. 

The excitement quickly morphed into dismayed disgust and betrayal when they found that the muzzles worked on the lawn too.  There was much complaining, demanding and pleading.  I finally opted for the better part of valor and left them to hide work on my new shed.

Maybe by the time Spring gets here they'll have accepted the necessity.  One can hope right?


  1. oh the look Ben is giving you! Such a mix of betrayal, outrage and pleading. I pray I never have to go that route with Carmen. She will make me pay for it.

    Also, I wanted to give you an update. I found a source for lysine for Irish and have started adding it to his feed.

  2. LOL. That is hilarioius! We have a lot of bucking and gas passing whenever the critters get into a fresh area of grass. I'm sure they thought that you were torturing them with those muzzles!

  3. So much green grass, so little time; just saying.

  4. At least with all 3 in muzzles they can't take them off of each other. Or can they?

    I always feel like such a jerk when I put grazing muzzles on mine.

    Poor babies. They will probably live through it though. ;)

  5. Man, those little dudes can motor!

  6. You should be happy...they are finally exercising and burning off some of that blubber!!

  7. Cute video looks like they are racing