Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Dog Daze

FB keeps asking me why I haven't shared any photos of her dogs lately.  Generally, it's because most of the pictures end up being the proverbial proof-of-Sasquatch photos....

See - Bigfoot does exist.

Then, there are the typical Border Collie photos.  Border Collies do tend to believe that cameras will steal their souls and they act accordingly when one is pointed at them...

Except for the BC's who are so caught up in their "jobs" that they don't notice the camera. They usually don't hold still long enough for a cheap camera.

That leaves the Mexican-stand-off pictures.....

With the crazy, fixated, Border Collie stare.  I get a lot of those.

Then there's Bess...

What more is there to say?


  1. Look at Bess's manicured nails. Best groomed and cleanest Maremma in NY state!

  2. Scout MUST BE worried that you might steal his soul, as usually he is extremely photogenic. Since his birthday is coming up, I am expecting you to work hard at getting some very flattering pictures of him! However, the Bess and Kelsey pictures are just fine!

  3. You cracked me up with that "Bigfoot" photo, but oh, the one of Scout! OK, cracked me up too, but with the impulse to reassure Scout that he does get to keep his precious soul anyway, awww. Lol. And the "crazy, fixated" BC stare... vs. Maremma zen eyes... OK, guess you can tell I'm enjoying your blog posts!! ;-)

  4. I continue to be fascinated by the Maremma. Tutorial on how to pronounce the word??

    1. Pretty much it is pronounced just as it looks, with the accent on the second syllable. Think "ma" rhyming with "la" and "remma" rhyming with "emma". Maremmas ARE fascinating and lots of fun too!!