Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Bright Boys

Since my last post was so lacking in pictures of Amos and Levi, their person sent some to me to make up for it.

Amos on the left, Levi on the right.  They make a handsome pair don't they?

Levi on the left...he came here about two years ago also very thin and headed for a last road trip.  Lucky for him, he ended up here instead.  He has filled out quite nicely as you can see.

They have become a very nice team and they work really well together.


Amos is looking good, he has put on a lot of weight since the first time I saw him and his eyes are much brighter and softer.  He isn't getting anything special, just plenty of good hay and good care.  It is still enough to make a world of difference and put the light back in his eyes.


  1. They are a lovely pair. It's sad what we do with our unwanted animals.

  2. So who is this angelic savior of equines? It's your own fault if we ask you for details! :)

  3. Is it just the photo, or does he have a peculiar stance with his hind legs? I feel so happy to see Amos blessed with a new, kind owner.

  4. I often think being part of a harness pair must be a lovely life for horses. They do so love horsey company as they go through life, and what better way to have it than with a good friend who gets to be beside you all the time, work and rest?