Thursday, July 14, 2016

Trouble Makers

It's a good thing that chickens only weigh 4 or 5 pounds or they would rule the world.

Which would be horribly terrifying.

The red hen is the most adventurous of the group and often goes off on her own to explore.  That habit got her into some kind of trouble as she injured her leg and has been quite lame.  She gets a bit better every day so I think she will eventually be back out exploring soon.  

The two wyandottes can be told apart by their tail feathers, one has very puffy feathers and the other is very sleek.  Hence, Wynnie of the sleek tail and Dottie of the pouf.  Wynnie is the meanest of the bunch and is the personification of the term hen-pecked.  That is her in the back, looking innocent while plotting something nefarious.

The others don't really have names unless Little Red Hen and Aussie count.  Then there is the little white chick, who gets bigger every day.  He is rather a doofus - always getting lost when mom is three feet away, but around a corner, running around with dead frogs, getting picked on by everybody, especially Wynnie....He does not really have a name either, but is starting to respond to Doofus, because, well....if the doofus fits....


  1. Such pretty hens. Surprised you could get that close without them running away.

    1. Mine help with donkey manure clean-up every day. Up close and personal.

  2. Am pretty sure that chickens really think they DO rule the world!

  3. they are interesting characters

  4. LOVE chickens! I have had various flocks since 1988 and they are all so individual and! You can clicker train them ya know and they can learn obstacle courses, color differentiation, they are SO much smarter than people give them credit for!

  5. It would be a lot scarier if donkeys ruled the world!!! We really ought to get a Maremma, as Maremmas rule!!!!!

  6. Chickens! I love chickens and used to raise them when my boys were in 4H. They had Mr. Sociable, Henry, Tina, and all sorts of named ones of different breeds.
    Henry the Polish Rooster lived the longest and some of the chickens learned to ride around in a little red wagon with the boys.
    My oldest had his Sociable chicken sleep with him until Soch pooped all over his pillow.
    Now my neighbors are getting their first experience with raising chickens.
    So many fond memories!

  7. Chicken are endlessly fascinating! I'm glad your lot are surviving, what with how they all have names now and all. :)