Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Physical Therapy

"OK, you hold the ball with both feet and streeeetch the neck down as far as it will go.  Don't forget to tuck in the chin and keep the ears relaxed."

"Now, with this one, you set your forehead just so and push...a little more....that's it."

"Doing good, doing good, but you'll need a helper for this one...."

" want to curve that neck around....then tip your chin....that's right."

"Aaaandddd, relax."

"Hey, wait a minute, we're not done yet.  Get back here!"


  1. The farm looks good! Do you ever sit on your deck? I think that's where I'd be early mornings with my coffee.

  2. Glad you are up and about, and I imagine these two are pretty happy about it, too.

  3. They are great physical and mental therapists

  4. Best Therapists in the world!