Saturday, February 21, 2015

Cabin Fever

The poor equines haven't been out of the barn in days.  It's been so cold with extremely high wind, there just isn't anywhere for them to go.  This afternoon, it "warmed up" to -5, but the wind finally died down and the sun came out.  I went out on my snowshoes and tried to break a trail for them out into the woods.  Even with snowshoes, I sank to my thighs.  I've never seen snow that is so hard to get around in.  Everybody ventured out onto the path I'd made even though it was hard going....

The path followed the packed trail they had made earlier and it was still belly deep.

I convinced Tessa do some trail breaking though she wasn't too keen on it. 

Emma took a step off the path and ended up in snow as tall as her.  She had a terrible time getting back onto the trail and I got really scared that she and Ramsey could absolutely get stuck out there.  We all gave up and headed back in.  I actually find myself wishing I had a snowmobile so I could make some good trails for all of us.  We are all feeling hemmed in.

It's one of the reasons I work so hard to keep the paths and the driveway snowblowed (which I have had to do every day this week), it's the only place Connor can run around and I hate the feeling of being trapped in.  Deep snow is really hard on dogs and very bad for their joints.  Not that that stops a five month old puppy.

At least someone thinks giant snowbanks are fun.


  1. Wow that is some snow! We've had deep snow, but with more animals, they tend to pack it down in trails. I bet that is hard packed snow and now soft like I've dealt with.
    Last year making a trail with snow shoes was awful hard work. Sinking up to my knees and hips in places. Whew.
    I bet you feel cabin fever!

  2. I hear you. I had to shovel a path for my two so they could get into the larger field. they are slowly breaking trails in the snow. No one is impressed. We're expecting rain tomorrow so I climbed up on the shed and shovelled snow off. It was easy- I just climbed the snow band and stepped onto the roof!

  3. I think it's worse than here. Didn't think that was possible.

  4. Snowmobile's have a hard time in deep snow too & can get stuck. Long tracks handle it better (like they ride on the mountains). I'm thinking a bobcat would work wonders. Your trail groomer is prettier, altho agreed she doesn't look too thrilled with her new job. Connor is adorable!!

  5. A snowmachine sounds like the way to go. Unfortunately. Relief is coming -- slowly. The Jet Stream is s-l-o-w-l-y lifting back into Canada.

  6. Maybe now that they got a taste of what was out there they will be more settled to just wait it out. I feel your struggles. Hold on with all your might. This too will pass.