Friday, January 30, 2015

Soak it Up While it Lasts

This was supposed to post yesterday, but Blogger did not cooperate.  Add computers to same list that cars and trucks go on.


It warmed all the way up to 18 degrees today.  At least the sun was very bright.  The cold really takes a lot of energy to deal with and all the donkeys wanted to do today was set the coat to maximum poof and soak up the as much sun as possible.

At 1:00.....

At 2:00, the ears moved.....

...for a minute anyway.

At 3:00, maybe time for a snooze in the barn....

Nearly 4:00, just enough time for one more sun bath, life sure is rough...

"HOW long till Spring???"

"Too long kid.  Snow with really arctic temps coming in tomorrow, better soak it up while you can, it doesn't look like we'll see again anytime soon."


  1. 'maximum poof'. Tha made me laugh. I love your donkeys and am starting to think that I need one in my life.....

  2. I didn't realize that donkeys can poof up their coats. Pretty practical design.

  3. Max poof, never heard it described that way but oh so appropriate. Stay warm all of you!!!!

  4. Sun on a cold winter day is such a gift!

  5. Oh, your pictures! How they thrill me!

  6. Their winter coats look glorious and hopefully giving them all the warmth they need. Love that Ramsey face!! lol Take care and stay warm!