Friday, December 12, 2014

Oh What Fun it Isn't

Why is it that dealing with all this white stuff seems to get harder and harder every year?  Especially the driving through it in the middle of the night.  How I wish I could figure out how to make a living without leaving home.

On a positive note...Ramsey's abscess has finally broken open and is draining.  He is much happier.  Of course, it broke open right where the scar is from his earlier troubles and is going to require some careful maintenance so that it does not undermine the whole hoof.  The tendons in the leg have also contracted again.  Hopefully that will resolve itself if I can make sure he gets enough exercise.  Which would be a lot easier without all the nasty white stuff.

Ramsey is back to his normal self anyway, I even caught him trying to boss Tessa around this afternoon.  It actually seemed to work just a bit.  I may have to have a talk with him, I think he is having daydreams of tyranny.  Darned teenager.

There is one of us who thinks playing in the snow is fun.

At least it was when it was only ankle deep, he may change his mind when we try to go out in it tomorrow.

How is it that it is the middle of December already and I still don't feel at all ready to deal with winter?


  1. I am SO jealous of your snow. Although I'm sorry you have to drive in it. And the puppy is Just. Too. Cute!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  2. Try to see the snow through they eyes of the new puppy. He's never experienced such things and I agree everything seems harder - going to work, doing chores, etc. You will prevail and honestly your photos of it are lovely. So glad Ramsey is doing better!

  3. Yes, the snow does make just about everything more difficult, but oh my - it is absolutely beautiful! I too, am feeling a wee bit jealous of your Christmasy white stuff. We have rain, rain and more rain. Oh, and lots of wind that's blowing trees down all over the place, causing electricity outages and all sorts of mischief. Our power never goes out, we're on a main. But if it ever did, we're ready! We've been in the 60's for the past week or more. Yesterday was 64 and oh, so wet! Your pictures are so pretty, thanks for sharing them. And your puppy! Oh my gosh, he's so cute! That's a great idea MTWaggin had about trying to look at your world through the eyes of your puppy!! Why not? It's there regardless. Merry Christmas to you!

  4. We also got a whole lot of snow here in Montreal and it is still snowing lightly now. It started on Tuesday! Merry Christmas.

  5. That top photo is a gorgeous shot! Nice work.
    No white stuff here in SE Michigan...yet. And abnormally warm with tomorrow's high predicted at 40.

  6. It won't matter how deep the snow is - Connor will love it!! That puppy will ease the harsh winter for you somewhat. So relieved Ramsey's abscess broke. Whew! Maybe we should all move back to California - although things there aren't so great either these days.

    1. Bow Street,
      Stop that talk of California! She does not need any encouragement in that type of thinking! Snow is great! We don't even have to mow the lawn! No worrying about sunburn or mosquito bites!
      Now when are you coming to see this pack of border collies in person? You must visit Connor while he still has his great white shark teeth!

  7. I'd trade places with you! I love snow and your woods is SOOO pretty :-D.