Sunday, December 21, 2014

And the winners are...

This year, Connor got to choose the fudge winners.  I wanted to include the donkeys, but it has been so grey and dismal for so long that no one had much enthusiasm for it.  We have not seen the sun since November.  Besides, Christmas is all about the little children right?  Connor may have doubled in size since I got him (he weighed 21 pounds yesterday at the vets office!!!), but he is still very much a baby.  Proven by the fact that he is sitting next to me right now "nursing" on his stuffed hedgehog, something he has done from day one.

To pick the winners, I gave each (most) of his toys a number at random and then threw them all onto the floor. 

(Yes he has a lot of toys.  It still isn't enough to keep him out of trouble.) 

 The first toy he chose was, very appropriately, his stuffed donkey, which was number 5 on my list.

Next up was Scorchi the scorpion, number 3 on the list.

And his final choice was Octus the Octopus, number 7. 

(If you are wondering what Connor's favorite toys are, which I did not include here to make this fair, they are not any of these well made, expensive dog toys, although he does play with all of these.  They are a plastic water bottle, one of my socks that he stole and a plastic handled dog brush that was one of Tanner's favorites when he was a puppy.)

Since none of Connor's choices landed on the few people who commented, but didn't want fudge or the one anonymous comment, I just went right down the list.  I hope that seems fair.  Comparing Connor's choices with the list of commenters, the winners are:

Val Ewing



Congratulations to you and my condolences to everyone else.  Please get in touch with me at aerissana@gmail dot com so I can get your addresses. 

Thank you to everyone who participated and to all of you for sharing your time with all of us here at TheDancingDonkey.  I'll probably never find the time I should to reply to all of you, but I love hearing from you anyway.  You all give me a reason to keep writing.


  1. omg, what happened to your baby puppy??? glad you have pictures to remember he was once little! gorgeous boy!

  2. adorable assistant you have. congrats to your winners!

  3. Great way to pick the winner. Merry Christmas!

  4. Conner is so stinking cute!!!! Very cute way to pick winners.

  5. My Rosie has had a teddy she sucks on since she was a pup. She still does it now she is six. :) We are on our second teddy, and to get this one to last a bit better we have given him a rather macabre furry patch over his forehead and face where she sucked the fabric beyond any more patching. She doesn't mind. :) He is her go-to for any time she feels over excited or upset, or if I turn on the vacuum cleaner and I must admit that at times he gets humped too. He is her all purpose best buddy! :) Her daughter is more of tennis ball girl, but she does know to steal Rosie's teddy if she wants to coax her more placid mum into a game. It's so funny how they are all different even from tiny! This is Keechy by the way,not a new commenter. I had a name change is all. Have a lovely Christmas rest!