Monday, December 1, 2014

Cyber Monday

Just what everyone needs right, another shopping opportunity?  I finally got around to making this year's Dancing Donkey calender.  If anyone would like one, click here:

In honor of Tanner, I also made a Border Collie calender with a few of my favorite photos of him, those that work in a calender anyways.  He was never easy to photograph because he hated having the camera pointed at him.  Because of this, he tends to look very serious and a bit disapproving in many of his photos.

Although it didn't work in the calender because of formatting, I think that this is the photo that most accurately captures who Tanner was...

He was always so full of life and character. If anyone would like one of Tanner's calenders, click on the link below. 


  1. Awesome, I'm glad you did this. As I am scratching my head trying to get my calendars out this year, it is great to see you do them also.
    Mine are tailored to each family that wants them!

  2. PS~ who do you have them made through?

  3. oh that last photo is pure joy

  4. I don't like my photo taken either, but I wish someone had snapped me at my happiest moment! Love that pic of Tanner.