Monday, November 24, 2014

Visitors From Afar

This is convoluted so stick with me....I was trying to find a puppy with no luck, either at the shelters or rescues.  None of the local, or semi-local breeders of any of the breeds I was considering had any puppies.  FB has several connections with the Border Collie herding trial folks and had put the word out far and wide that I was looking for a puppy.  I finally found one - in Nova Scotia.  At first, I thought 'OK, Canada, that's not that far'.  Ahem, cough, cough, I need to brush up on my geography, the Canadian border may only be a couple of hours from here, but Nova Scotia is a 1000 miles away.

Figuring that there had to be a puppy closer than a 1000 miles, I thought to get in touch with a fellow blogger who has sheep and knows lots of people with sheep.  Sheep people have Border Collies and tend to know other people who have Border Collies, it's not as illogical as it first sounds. It's the original Social Media:)

Unfortunately, she didn't know of any puppies, but mentioned that she was looking for just the right older dog.  Enter the breeder up here where Kelsey came from.  Her main trialing dog, Kate, is getting older and could use a low key retirement where she would still get to be useful, but not have to work so hard.  Sounded like a good match.

And so that's how TheCrazySheepLady and Saint Tim came to NY and since she was here, so close, she certainly had to come and meet the donkeys and everyone else here.  If you followed all of that, pat yourself on the back, it still leaves me a bit bewildered.

She brought her camera with and sent me some great shots which I will share as soon as I get my computer to cooperate better.  It is still having issues.  For the moment, these are the very few photos I took that day.

Her little Corgi, Tilly, (who Connor REALLY wanted to keep for himself) came along for the ride. 

Tessa thought Tilly might just be the neighborhood bear and tried to stomp her.  Sigh.  I never notice how unruly and un-socialized my critters are around new people until the very rare occasion that someone actually visits and they are all on their worst behavior.  It is a hard thing to fix since no one ever visits.  If anyone would like to stop by to help socialize some critters, let me know.  Just as long as you aren't an axe murderer or other sort of miscreant:)

It was a whirlwind trip and opening day of deer season, but we still managed a very short donkey walk and then over to FB's for a farm tour and dinner.

It was great getting to meet these wonderful folks. 

I hope they come back despite my ill mannered horse.  I also hope it's not to bring Kate back.  I hear she is having some issues with the cats, probably just because it's a new place and a big adjustment.  Hopefully she'll get past that and start enjoying her new life, but that's another story....


  1. Oh what fun! That was well worth the convolution.

  2. Replies
    1. I forgot to add that the end I found him at a farm just an hour away:)

  3. oh I am o jealous that you had Saint Tim and sheep lady...she's not crazy! she's loving
    I hope it works out with Kate. If anyone can make it will be those marvelous folks...Did you ask about she hiding in the truck?
    Hope you find your perfect puppie

  4. Sara, Saint Tim and Tilly are terrific. So glad you were able to spend some time with them.

  5. I'm so glad you had such a good visit... and did not get a ton of snow!

  6. Even if we hadn't liked Kate, meeting Ramsey, I mean you and FB was worth the whole trip! :-D