Monday, April 21, 2014

Poor, poor, pitiful donkeys

"Yo Ma!"

"Yes donkeys?"

"We heard that this whole Easter thing is supposed to involve baskets full of goodies."

"So, we all want to know...."

"Where's OURS?!"

"Wellllll, um, sorry.  No baskets.  Actually, I was just kinda thinking you guys look like something that would be IN an Easter basket."

"Sheesh, no respect.  That' what it is, no respect.  What a bummer."

Happy Easter.
 (even if you are a poor, poor, pitiful donkey who didn't get any goodies)


  1. Very good! You understood exactly what they were saying.

  2. They are just too cute. I agree, they belong in the basket.

  3. They have beautiful long ears and Easter should be a celebration for donkeys too! LOL, no baskets unless they are made of hay!

  4. Oh dear sad, pitiful donkeys :-( Ours got an orange for Easter…. not exactly seasonal!! Hope you had a peaceful Easter!

  5. Hey! I love your barn. It looks so bright and airy with those windows and opaque roof slats. Lovely!

  6. Donkeys - - - an honored beast who had the honor of carrying our precious Jesus during Easter week!

  7. awwwww you are sooooo mean to those poor poor donkeys!