Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Glamour Girl

Emma, aka: Em, Emma Girl, Donkey Girl, Super Donkey and a few others....

Demonstrateing that super models don't all have to be anorexic.  Although, ahem, a wee bit of dieting might be called for, "right Em?"

"Speak for yourself Ma.  We all know I'm perfect."


  1. i concur...she does look perfect!

  2. She does look perfect! Her neck is not flopping over like you see in overweight donkeys. She has a beautiful coat and you can tell she is well groomed.
    Your Emma has a wonderful color to her!
    My Eddie is nearly a blue roan ... well not a horse roan, but a donkey roan like Emma!

  3. Super donkey looks fab really ~ as Miss Honey Bee our mini horse say "I am not fat ~ I am fluffy" !

  4. We like our pets a little plump at my house :)

  5. She looks proud and smart and just right.