Sunday, March 16, 2014

All Grown Up

Tessa, AKA, Daisy's Irish Jig, turns six today. 

This is when horses are generally considered full grown adults. 

You know what this means, don't you? 

Time to start saddle shopping in earnest.  The horse is done growing and the ice has to let up and let us out sometime after all, right?  Right??? 

Maybe I should pray to St. Pat.  It's not like anything else has worked after all.

Happy Birthday Tessa!

Here's hoping for many more (and that we can get back out on the trails sometime soon.)


  1. Happy Birthday Tessa!! We (Hawkeye and I) are waiting for snow and ice to go away so we can join you on the trail.

  2. Happy Birthday beautiful Tessa AKA Daisy's Irish Jig which also suits you very well. Nice photo Kris!

  3. Pretty, pretty girl -- and I'll bet just a bit frisky, too. Hope that new saddle isn't English!

  4. I ended up with a really cool saddle just a few years ago. It fits my mules and is super lightweight. It is so important to find a good fitting saddle.
    We still have ice and snow!
    No riding and not much good with snowshoes either.
    But the dogs probably would enjoy a jaunt!

  5. Happy Birthday, sweet Tessa! I hope that your spring arrives soon.

  6. sweet girl. happy birthday, young lady!

  7. Happy B-Day Tessa. look at you all beautiful and grown up.
    We look forward to future posts of you in your new saddle :)

  8. Happy Birthday, Tessa! You're a real adult now :) We hope spring gets here soon so you can try out your new saddle.

  9. Happy Birthday, you pretty girl! Kris, you're welcome to try out George's Allegany Mountain Trail Saddles, and use it while I'm gone. It's a wide, with 17" seat. He has a new one for our trip, also Allegany Mountain. Call me and I'll bring it right over :)