Monday, October 14, 2013

Identity Crisis

Tessa has stepped forward and informed me that she is feeling mighty neglected lately.  She doesn't feel that she is getting her fair share of blog time and that she has a very serious issue that needs to be resolved.  She was feeling too shy to tell everyone this herself though so she has asked me to pass it on.

It seems Tessa is having a bit of an identity crisis.  Everyone keeps referring to her as 'the horse' and she is not at all sure that she wants to be a horse.  She wants to be a donkey and she thinks she has the ears to pull it off.

This has engendered some debate on the farm though.  What exactly do you call a horse who thinks she's a donkey?  Would that be a dorse?  That doesn't sound quite right.  Hors-ey?  Na, that doesn't convey enough donkeyness. 

Seems like it only leaves one choice, but maybe I am not being creative enough.  What do you think folks, what do you call a horse who thinks she's a donkey?


  1. I'd call her smart! Tessa is also very beautiful.

  2. Give her a new name: Brighty of the Grand Canyon

  3. I agree. TESSA (otherwise known as "Tallest (farm) Equine Standing (in) Solidarity Always" That will help her feel more included.

  4. Cathy R is right! With her height that does make her ears the, uh, tallest on the farm. I love that first picture of Tessa.

    Nancy in Iowa

  5. Funny, I was thinking Honkey too, but she is too pretty to be a Honkey! :)

  6. You call her by her name of course ~ giggle