Monday, October 28, 2013


Today is the Border Collie Brother's birthday.  Scout and Tanner turn eleven.  It is a little bittersweet as I just saw that one of my good blog friends over at Bow Street Flowers has lot her beloved companion today.

It is a good dog's only fault, that they do not live long enough.  Perhaps it is because they burn so brightly with the joy of life that they burn out too fast.  We cannot hold it against them.  Rather, embrace it, share in it and love every moment that they have.


Happy Birthday Boys.  
Here's hoping for many more.


  1. Happy Birthday, Tanner. Such beautiful dogs.

  2. "Rather, embrace it, share in it and love every moment that they have."
    I would add, "be grateful that you can see them through their twilight years right to the end."

  3. I read a story about a boy that said that dogs were so good and full of love that they gave it all away in such a short time...
    True enough.
    Happy birthday Tanner. You are a beautiful dog.

  4. Happy Birthday Boys!! I love all the pics, but that photo in the snow says it all about dogs to me!
    Thanks, Kris.

  5. I Love the pictures. The dogs are beautiful! Happy Birthday!!

  6. how absolutely beautiful and loyal they are... you're right - they don't stay with us long enough - just in our hearts forever.

  7. Happy Birthday, boys! They are gorgeous.

    Nancy in Iowa

  8. That last picture is perfect! Happy Birthday boys :-).

  9. I can feel the love in every pic.
    Thanks for sharing the joy and beauty.