Saturday, October 13, 2012


I've got a new job in mind for Gabe...

I've had this harness for  a few years, but I had loaned it to a friend who does all his farm work with draft horses.  He didn't need this old harness any more so he returned it to me a few days ago. It is not a great fit for Gabe, but it is good enough to instill some of the basics.  If we make some real progress and it looks like we could do some actual work, I will look around for something that fits better.  There are a number of Amish families who have moved in nearby and I can get good harness at a decent price if I start saving my pennies. 

Emma and Ramsey are intrigued of course.

Ramsey thought for a moment that he might want to get in on the action...

but he changed his mind pretty quick when he decided that it looked more like work than play.  He made his opinion of that idea plain.

I finally let him and Emma out into the "horse" pasture.  Ramsey was so excited to explore previously forbidden territory that he gladly abandoned Gabe to his fate.

For his part, Gabe thought Ramsey had the right idea.

But he was a fairly good sport about it once I told him that participation is mandatory.