Monday, July 9, 2012

What About The Dog

Evemarie (hi Evemarie) asked me where Tanner has been during all of this baby drama.   He has, once again, proven himself to be the best dog ever.  As soon as he realized that there was a new baby in the barn, he made a point of staying far away.  He stopped coming to the barn with me and instead kept a vigilant and quiet eye on all the proceedings from the far side of the house. 

Emma and Ramsey have been living on part of my lawn which is normally Tanner's territory.  I have them there because the grazing is better for Emma and it is easier for me to keep an eye on them.  Not all of the grass in the fields has been mowed and I'd never be able to find Ramsey out in the tall weeds.  He would have a hard time navigating through it as well.  He is only a couple of inches taller than Tanner and weighs half as much.  I don't want to misplace him:)

Tanner is none too happy that the donkeys have invaded his space, but he is being very good about it.  He has been extremely careful not to bother Emma or be any kind of threat, which I am grateful for.  Before the birth, I had been concerned about how I would keep him safely away from her.  There is a good reason why donkeys are used as guard animals after all and new mothers are always dangerous to be around.  However, Tanner knew just what to do.  I know how intelligent Tanner is, yet I still underestimate him sometimes.  I never cease to be amazed watching his mind at work. 

You can be sure that Tanner makes himself very scarce when this little devil gets going...

PS - I know my camera needs cleaning, but I haven't figured out how to do it yet.  It is the internal works of the camera that are dirty.  I am working on it, for now just bear with me please.


  1. Baby donks and little kids are very similar in that they make up their own fun. Ramsey is a little running dickens.
    Tanner is such a great dog to take his distance from Mom and baby. Looks like you have a great situation going on. Oma Linda

  2. The spots on the camera look like Ramsey kicked up some dirt at you!

  3. This little guy is too much fun to watch. Your dog Tanner is most intelligent. My dog has a best friend that is a Border Collie and I love watching them together. Beauty and brains to boot.

  4. Tanner looks very smart .
    It's so nice to watch when all the animals are in harmony.Baby is so happy!!

    If the dirt is between the lens and the camara (on the camara mirror),don't touch it.Bring it to a repair center.But if it 's on the outside of the lens,is easy.Good luck.

  5. What a beautiful post about a great dog (and a wonderful answer to my question, thanks so much!). Your photos of Tanner keeping a discreet distance and your description of his behavior both make me want to hug him, although I just know he'd tell me he has "absolutely no time for this!" Tanner, you are one very extra special being, and also most fortunate to have a human who recognizes it and, no doubt, brings out the best in you. Isn't it amazing for a Border Collie to just *observe* a bona fide "Zoomerang"(R)?! I mean, even I want to get in on the action when I watch Ramsey's zoomies! :)

    Btw, have I told you that I love your blog? ;)