Sunday, July 8, 2012


First,  the pain killer that I have given Emma has really helped tremendously.  She is much more comfortable, happier and relaxed today.  Getting rid of the pain has relieved most of her anxiety as well.  She hasn't had to wear the grazing muzzle at all today and she is just much more relaxed.   She was also able to spend a considerable amount of time resting.  She won't lay down to sleep yet, but she spent nearly all day yesterday and most of last night dozing in front of the fan I set up for her.  Today she is nearly her normal, happy self.  I think the pain relief and the rest will go a long way towards helping her fight off any potential infection.  She even enjoyed a very good scratching session this afternoon...

And now for the news you've been waiting for: what's this baby's name?  First, I want to thank everybody for all of your suggestions, there were some really good ones.  By far, the name choices that were proposed the most were either Emerson (as in son of Emma) or Emmett, which I think is a variant of the same thing.  I like both of these names and really gave both of them a try.  The problem with them is that they are too similar to Emma's name and the contraction for all three names is the same.  I am an extremely visual thinker and the image associated with Em is Emma herself.  Every time I tried using one of these names with the baby, my mind tripped over the imagery and it just didn't work.  

My animals all know their names because I make a point of using them often.  I talk to my critters a lot and I use a lot of voice commands.  This has stood me in good stead over the years and works well for me.  I don't think I could change it even if I wanted to.  I want a name for this baby that is easy to say, is distinct from all the other names in the barn and will still be a good name 10 years from now, even if he changes color or turns into a slow, lazy bum (hard to imagine at the moment that that could actually happen:).

So...the name that has floated out of my subconscious from God-knows-where and keeps presenting itself every time I look at this baby even when I have tried hard to reject it is....Ramsey.  The funny thing is that I really have tried to reject this name as I wasn't sure I liked it.  It just won't go away though so it must be right.  Perhaps it is because he was standing posed in the sun, looking regal and beautiful and the phrase "Ramses the Great" floated into my head.  The image was striking and etched itself into my very visual brain and that was that.  And it isn't such a terrible thing to be named after the very first monarch to ever create and sign a peace treaty, they didn't call him great for nothing:)

Hello World...

I am Ramsey the Greatest


  1. Helo Ramsey,your are so cute!

    Poor Enma, I keep thinking, how you notes she had that pain.It was very good of you.

  2. HELLO RAMSEY, your one good looking guy!
    Some people are surprised to hear that the donkeys know and react to thier names.Silly people!
    I'm glad Emma's feeling better. It had to be hard on her at that age.

  3. Great choice! We have a Ramzie at our house. Thanks for the close-ups. I could see his color better. So happy for Emma (and you).

  4. Hail to the King of Kings, then! Ramsey, you could not have asked for a worthier Kingdom :)
    Happy to hear that poor Emma is feeling better - you are a superb donkey (horse, dog,...) mom. Apparently you are keeping Tanner out of sight for the time being - so as not to upset Emma?

  5. Oh I love the name Ramsey the Greatest. I know what you mean about the similarity in names. We have a dog named Ellie and now a cat named Cybella......they are very confused when I'm talking to them. You did great and the name is perfect.
    So glad Ms. Emma is feeling better. Pain makes you do lots of things, why would it be different in a critter? Good for everyone. Oma Linda