Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Stills - Catching Up

Two weeks ago, I had a Sunday Stills post all written and ready to post, but before I got around to it, I got sidetracked by a little surprise.  I'm sure you remember...

This week's challenge is rather fortuitous....pick two previous challenges and complete them.  Well, I'm sure the first one will be obvious.  I had to pick animals because we all have to have more baby pictures right?  The second is the post I had written for the roads challenge two weeks ago.

I was terribly disappointed that this photo came out blurry, but I decided to post it anyway because it is just such a great pose. 
The Black Stallion Returns Again

And this is what I had ready two weeks ago....

This week's challenge was roads.  I spend more time than I would like on roads, commuting back and forth to work.  I don't carry the camera around in the car with me though and I try to avoid driving when I don't have to, so when I went out to find some road pictures, I didn't get any farther then my own two feet could take me.  That doesn't leave much in the way of roads around here, which I am grateful for.  As a result, my road pictures required a bit of poetic license....

Sunset from the road...

My road...

The road less traveled...

Dreaming of roads long gone...

On the road....


  1. Well done, cute baby shots..:-)

  2. Thanks for stopping by MammothLakesDP!!! Love the donkey looking at the setting sun!!!

  3. I agree, great post! Nice sunset photo, of course I love those cute long ears ~ and baby ones too!!!

  4. Your little baby is too adorable. I checked out the rest of the pictures on the blog. Love your horses too.

    Great road pictures, the sunset is awesome.

  5. I love the donkeys, I am off to look at some more of your posts and photos.

  6. Precious animals, love the photos on your blog.