Tuesday, July 3, 2012

She Sure Can Cook

Emma may be a real believer in "slow cooking", but you sure can't argue with the results:)  This is the most vigorous, active baby I have ever met.  He is a wild thing!

He zooms...

He struts...

He gardens...
He squirms like a fish when Mom tickles him...

and he sleeps the sleep of the righteous...

safe in his mother's careful hooves....

And then he ruthlessly interrupts her dust bath...

so that he can zoom off again...
Poor Emma, I don't know how she'll ever keep up with this little monster.

PS - I'm still trying out names, waiting for the one that sticks to him or for him to let me know what it is.


  1. Welcome to the world of baby donkeys. Like I said, they are a BLAST!

  2. For weeks, I dutifully checked your blog each morning to see if the new little one had arrived. So one Sunday morning I don't and there he is! How about Sunday for a name?

    I wonder what color he will be when he grows up. Are donkey babies usually all dark colored?

  3. ... or, if not Sunday, maybe the beautiful Spanish word for it: Domingo. But actually, baby looks to me like Sundance. :)

  4. It's looking gorgeous!!! Does he eats grass already? you're not be able to have any garden!
    He is a GOLFO ( affectionate naughty). If it would have been a girl,it could been called Motricia,from Adam's Family ;)
    Now i wish Fiona was pregnant too,but I don't think so.Fly mask arrived,(yearling,lg ponny...) huge! :(

  5. I was gonna say "Buzz" for a name, but that I'm liking that "Sundance" idea.

  6. Angus? Orson? Fred? Bob? Julius? Jackson? Emmitt? What an adorable little guy you have! I just want to reach thru the screen and pet and hug him! He totally looks like an Emmitt

  7. So exciting! Curious, if you get a moment...what do the horses think of him? Have Hank & the other (sorry, I forgot its name) met Emma's Little Guy yet? They wouldn't try to hurt him, would they?

  8. Oh, just wait until he starts his drive-by kicking practice. Won't be long now.

  9. How about Sonny? He is Emma's son. He was born on a sunny day? He brights everyones world like a ray of sunshine? I know he does for me. I just love the one of him sleeping between Emma's feet.
    Saunee, Sunee, Sonee, Sunny, (just checking variations of spelling it) It can't be the plain ole spelling, cause he is very special!

  10. I can't wait to meet him! Btw, I love Emmett :)