Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Life of Crime

"Oh sure, mom has only been gone for a few days and you're already getting into trouble and breaking into the feed room?"

"Who me?!??  Those sorts of silly rules don't apply to magical, mystical mule babies do they?

 "Mystical or not, the rules still apply - no equines in the feed room, magic or otherwise.  Why don't you go outside and play."

"And try not to get in too much trouble...."


  1. rut ro.... but, it looks like that's going to be impossible for the little imp.

  2. Now he wants to go sledding. :) What could possibly go wrong?

  3. Judging from his expression (2nd picture), he knows he's been caught!

  4. He is so pretty! Love the stripe in his mane!

  5. Hi, I've been reading your blog a long time and I'm having a problem with donkey+horse keeping. I hope you can help. How do you handle the fact that a donkey might eat non-stop to exploding, where the horse eats only til satiated and walks away, still skinny?

    I've finally got a program this year, with beet pulp, oil, and no-grain/sugar feed for my horse, but still every time I feed them hay, the donkey eats to bursting and the horse just nibbles.

    I've had our hay tested and it's very low sugar/starch/protein. But the donkey, it's like she's constantly in survival mode, her entire life.

    Does it necessitate separation for most of the day? That would be difficult. Help?